"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein

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How It Works

While this site is mainly for the use of students who are preparing to go to University in subjects related to Science and Technology ( Applied Sciences) , it will also cater to the curious High School Student who wants to go ahead of his curriculum. It will also be useful for teachers who do not have access to a huge equipment budget to show experiments to their students.

As we incur costs in running this website we will charge a nominal fee per module which will correspond to a topic in your syllabus , The user will have access to the module and can appear for the test at the end of the module. The module will be available to a student for 48 hours.  Teachers who would like to access the modules for teaching would obviuously need the module for a longer time which we will facilitate for a fee which will have an institutional rate , which will also be reasonable, based on the usage required.

We also provide support to the students by way of chats when the student logs in to ask questions or if they have any difficulties.