"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein

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About MathsPluScience

We are born curious! As babies, we put things in our mouths to see how they tasted!!!As we grew, we pestered our parent with questions: why ,how and whats till we drove them crazy!!! And Science is nothing but a continuation of that effort to understand the world around us and how it really works!
Then we went to school and the first thing that was done was to discipline us with Classroom discipline!!  Some of us got so intimidated that we lost this curiosity and just wanted to get through the class without getting punished by the teachers.

The teachers we like in School always encourage us to ask questions and applaud our questions. Learning with them is such fun, isnt it? What we want to do is to make it easy both for you and for them to make learning Science exciting and fun, with a series of modules  on each Topic in a Subject

Each module will consist of a description of the topic in words a video or  some pictures  and then a set of questions for you to test your own understanding of the topic. You can test yourself many times to see if you are really prepared for the exams , which are unfortunately necessary in schools all over the world.

Apart from this my blog and Facebook page will have interesting updates about the latest scientific developments over the world. This will help you understand why you are learning several subjects in School and how they will help you in learning about life and the World!