"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." - Albert Einstein

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Welcome to MathpluScience – the fun place for thinking Teens

If you are like most of us, we never did like textbooks till it was exam time when they became very, very important! smile ; but if Science was made interesting, you would do well in it, because the more interesting something is, the better you remember it! We promise to make both Math and Science interesting here!

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Your pet dog’s slurp and woof, the sickening feeling in your stomach, you get in your gut when the exams are announced are all explained i [..]


The hard plastic wheels on your skateboard, the superglue that fixes stuff instantly, these are but a few of the wonders of chemistry! Those [..]


The movements of ‘Curiosity’ on Mars or the latest Ferrari at Monaco are both governed by the laws of Physics. Your Rayban shades or the [..]


Why do we love the winners of the Olympic Games? They are winners all right, but we can rank them because of Mathematics, the stuff of numbe [..]

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Welcome to MathPluScience

This is a site that plans to focus on Syllabi at this period of a budding scientists' life which is crucial to attaining one's passion . The[..]


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A: You register for subject and you will receive a confirmatory email which will give you the price details of the module(s) that you wish to p[..]

Who is this website for?

A: For a student appearing for an examination that is Pre-university Admission, like the 'A' Levels in the UK and Hong Kong, or Class 13 In New[..]